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Multivitamin and Mineral kill hunger

Vitamins and minerals are essential for health support. Everyone would agree with that
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Diet Without Hunger: From Fat To Fit in 6 Weeks

Effectiveness of the diet without hunger, we do through setting an exciting and varied
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Treatment Facility

All treatment facilities have been proven effective and safe, with the approval of the FDA (Food
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Exercise Support

The solution for those who do not have time to workout at the
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Lotion Product

With a texture more comfortable to be worn, using essensial oil as
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Bio Intensive Firming Gel

Highly effective in stimulating fat reduction and enable your skin rejuvenation
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A diary can help you record various activities surrounding your diet
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  • Lotion Product

    Maintenance Body Care

    New Lotion Product

    This lotion, a breakthrough of the WRP Diet Center. With a texture more comfortable to be worn, using essensial oil as deodorizer, derived from natural materials, and is the product imports from asia that special producing skin care special spa international.

    Jenis Lotion

    • Firming Body Lotion works to restore skin firmness with the active ingredient of vitamin E as an antioxidant to repair skin cells damaged. There is Pennyworth Extract to stimulate the production of collagen which acts creating toned and healthy skin and extract other natural ingredients.


    • Anti Cellulite Lotions works to shrink the size of the fat cells and repair damaged skin tissues due to a buildup of fat and circulation which are not smooth. With active ingredients Carnitine to break down fat cells, Ivy Ekstract to improve the disposal of excess fat.Contains laricyl and other ekstract helps often and tighten the skin without making the skin dry.

    • Body Contouring Gel works to help shape the body by reducing the size of fat cells, tighten and nourish skin tissue. With the active ingredients of Aloe vera leaf Powder to boost the production of collagen and elastin. There Peppermint Oil to provide the sensation of cold and nourish the skin. Also ekstract other natural materials to facilitate the circulation of fluids and neutralize toxins such as Lime dan Sweet Basic Oil.